Re: Copyright and Published Papers

Stephen St.Clair (
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 19:10:57 +0500

>I am currently setting up a home page for our site and I am wondering about
>Copyright and published (and not yet published) papers. We have some people
>in our group who have some various papers they have written which I would
>like to put on our web server. We are wondering what issues there are to
>putting a paper on a webserver. Can you do it after it has been published
>in a journal. Can you do it if you are going to publish it in a journal.
>Hopefully someone has an answer to this question...
>Chris Kirby
This is an interesting question. If I were you, I would check with the
journal(s) first. Web publishing might count as prior publishing (if it goes
on the Web first), and the journal might not like that.
As far as putting already-published stuff on, better find out who owns the
copyright, first--it might not be the author, in some cases.


Steve St.Clair
Spinny #3983 (CRIS)