Announcing: The HTML CyberClass

Steve Habib Rose (
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 11:12:33 +0500

The HTML CyberClass(TM) is an Internet-based class on HTML, the World Wide
Web, and the effective development and use of homepages. This class is
intended for people who have experience browsing the WWW, but are just
beginning to develop homepages. We are considering offering more
advanced courses (including forms, image maps, searches, Perl and Bourne
Shell scripting etc.) for experienced developers in the future.

The HTML CyberClass occurs every two months (except July-August). The
next class will start May 1 and continue until approximately June 27.
There is no specific "meeting time" for the class. Participation in class
discussions, work on class assignments, communication with instructors,
all take place whenever we go online!

The CyberClass operates through a private discussion list available only
to registered class members, as well as an outline which is available to
anyone over the World Wide Web at:

There is a lot of material explaining The HTML CyberClass linked to the
Clear Nets homepage at either of the following locations: or

Please read through all this material before contacting us with
questions. Thanks!

The instructors of The HTML CyberClass are Peter Flynn, author of the
World Wide Web Handbook (pub: International Thomson Computer Press, 1995),
and Steve Habib Rose, Internet trainer and developer of The HTML

In cooperation with the Belgian Internet provider, Infoboard Telematics
Belgium, we are in the process of adding a truly international "flavor" to
The HTML CyberClass. In the May-June class, we will be running a pilot
version of two discussion sections in French and German. We are hoping to
add a Spanish language discussion section by the end of 1995, and are also
exploring the translation of class lectures and outline into different
languages. You are encouraged to check the Clear Nets homepage throughout
the year for enhancements to the CyberClass.

The cost for the two-month session is $150 (U.S.). Full registration
information is available on pages linked to the Clear Nets homepage.

Subscribers to Infoboard Telematics Belgium are requested to contact your
provider for separate registration instructions. General information is
available on Infoboard Telematics Belgium at

The deadline for receiving your check or money order for the May-June
session is April 25. We must receive your check by that date to register
you for the class. Please take into account the uncertainties of postal
delivery, particularly from overseas. The next session is scheduled for
September-October, and the deadline for registration will be August 25.

Thank you, and "see you" in class!


Steve Habib Rose
Clear Nets
Developer of The HTML CyberClass