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James K. Tauber (
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 01:21:44 +0500

On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, Larry Masinter wrote:
> > Is there a MIME Content-Type for files following the General MIDI standard?
> > It seems to me there ought to be. Any comments?
> a) there isn't
> b) there probably should be
> c) it's only useful if there are 'helper apps' for most platforms that
> actually take such a file and do something interesting with it. I've
> not been able to find any simple 'MIDI-play' utilities that are
> generic enough to work for the wide variety of MIDI gear. Have you?

If one sticks to General MIDI (as the original posted suggested) it might
not be too bad. The "showmidi" program need only be interface specific
with no reference to what MIDI gear is actually connected (as long as
it's General MIDI).

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