Re: Hot Java is here! And it *rocks*

Paul Everitt (
Fri, 31 Mar 1995 10:46:57 +0500

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Sarr Blumson wrote:

> Having said that, I'm not clear on the point of binaries. They are
> more efficient, but often marginally so. In reality they are just a
> different predefined language, but one that is defined by the hardware
> so that if I own a machine that the server provider didn't have a copy
> of I'm out of luck. With Safe-TCL or Python (and maybe even HotJava,
> although that depends on Sun to some extent) I have a solution, at
> least in principle.

Something that might be interesting to take a look at is Pesto:
from which I quote:


Pesto is cooking! Pesto is a Python interface to the CORBA dynamic
invocation interface, and thus Fresco. A Pesto prototype is running and is
currently being packaged up for inclusion in the snapshot.

A browser based on this might be something quite impressive.


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