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Jon A. Lovstad (
Tue, 28 Mar 1995 05:01:54 +0500

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995 wrote:
> I have a quicktime movie, generated in a Mac, which I wanna put on a WWW
> server. I ran into two problems, both of which can be of newbie type.
> 1. How do I save quicktime movie in a generic format, without the mac data/fork
> format, so that it can be displayed on any computer platform??

You will have to "flatten" the movie into one file. This can be done very
easily with an app called FlattenMooV, found on the info-mac archives.
For your nearest link, try

> 2. Which helper app can I use on a Mac and on a PC to display quicktime movies?
> I tried both Fast player and the Apple quicktime viewer on a Mac without
> success...

The file won't display correctly (or more accurately, not at all) when
transferred in it's present state. You *have* to flatten it first. Then I
guess you should be able to view it using any viewer on the Mac and using
a QT compatible viewer on the PC.

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