Re: Hot Java is here! And it *rocks*

Michael D. Doyle (
Tue, 28 Mar 1995 03:04:31 +0500

>If you had taken a closer look yourself, before launching into the
>predictable Eolas marketing message,

Yeah, sorry about the brochure-style copy on the Eolas home page.

>Should your Eolas site ever provide actual information,
>and not just grandiose marketing slogans like "Web Technologies for
>the Next Millennium", I will be happy to re-evaluate your offerings.

Unfortunately, grandiose marketing slogans are far easier to write than good
technical documentation. The docs will be fleshed out more in the near
future. Please don't write us off just because we're trying to build a new
business. Sun had roughly 20 people working on Java. We're still only a
very small start up. The Weblet work visible to date was done by 3 people.
We're in the process of growing, so we'll be able to respond more quickly soon.

If you check our site out in mid-April, you'll be able to download our
enhanced version of XMosaic (Sun, SGI and Linux binaries, possibly source
too) with Weblet and MetaMAP support, as well as sample Weblets with source
code. Please give it a fair examination before passing judgement.

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