New WWW software: Futplex system 4.0

Koen Holtman (
Mon, 27 Mar 1995 13:48:32 +0500

The Futplex system is a software package that provides documents with
read/write access on the World Wide Web.

A Futplex document consists of pages with text and hypertext links.
Pages can be created, changed, and added to interactively, using a
standard WWW client.

All changes and additions are visible immediately to all users. Thus a
Futplex document is not just a place for storing information; it is also a
medium for direct communication among its users. The Futplex features
include facilities for quickly finding new and changed information in the

More information, including a publicly accessible demo system, can be
found on the Futplex system home page:

Futplex version 4.0 is free software. It is available for ftp at in /pub/futplex. Version 4.0 is the first public release.

Koen Holtman.