Re: Any good HTML editors out there?

Rupesh Kapoor (
Mon, 27 Mar 1995 12:03:04 +0500

On Sun, 26 Mar 1995, michael shiplett wrote:

> "rk" == Rupesh Kapoor <> writes:
> rk> Blink is a tag supported by all versions of netscape. I'm not sure
> rk> if it's present in the DTD of html 2.0. But my point goes well
> rk> beyond that. I'm sure you'll agree that <table> is a valid tag in
> rk> html 3.0. html-mode in emacs doesn't support that!

> Given that html is now a subset of sgml, it seems reasonable to use
> an sgml-mode editor when writing html. psgml-mode is such a mode for
> emacs. By using the htlm dtd and a validating sgml editor (emacs +
> psgml) you'll avoid using crude, invalid tags such as <blink>. Just
> because the Netscape weasels decided there should be a <blink> tag, it
> doesn't make it a valid html tag.
> michael
Let's look at why HTML has been so popular. Hyperlinks, of course,
are the primary reason. But the fact that all tags not understood by
browser are silently ignored has also contributed a lot. In short,
there's absolutely nothing wrong with using a <blink> tag 'coz it's sheer
value addition -- if a browser doesn't understand it, it will ignore it.
Hence it doesn't hurt in any respect -- be it valid or not!

-- Rupesh