RE: Why Mosaic
Sun, 26 Mar 1995 11:02:30 +0500

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About 97% of the Swedish users who perform a posting on our server are =
using Netscape, mostly on the Windows platform. Of our foreign visitors,=
about 90% use Netscape as browser. 7 % of all visitors are using Netscap=
e =20
1.1B1 and have then the ability to read pages coded in HTML 3.0.

I do all the coding for Netscape as I can't limit the layout to those 10=
% =20
not using Netscape.

Netscape is only free for educational and private use. =20
Commercial/companies must pay for Netscape as for a normal program.

staffan (Sw) (Eng)

From: Svante Pettersson
Sent: den 25 March 1919 18.20
To: www-talk
Subject: Why Mosaic


I'm pretty new to this game of writing www-pages and I have been using
Netscape 1.0 as my main browser since I started writing.

I saw one of my "netscape-enhanced" www-pages on a Mosaic-browser today =
got horrified! It didn't show my work as it was intended.

My question is: Why does people use Mosaic when Netscape is better and
can be obtained free all over the net?

Do you think that I should limit my layout so that mosaic-users can enjo=
y =20

my pages as well? This would be a major setback for me because I really
enjoy the new features in recent versions of HTML.