Re: Why Mosaic

Reed Wade (
Sat, 25 Mar 1995 18:49:21 +0500

>I'm pretty new to this game of writing www-pages and I have been using
>Netscape 1.0 as my main browser since I started writing.
>I saw one of my "netscape-enhanced" www-pages on a Mosaic-browser today and
>got horrified! It didn't show my work as it was intended.
>My question is: Why does people use Mosaic when Netscape is better and
>can be obtained free all over the net?
>Do you think that I should limit my layout so that mosaic-users can enjoy
>my pages as well? This would be a major setback for me because I really
>enjoy the new features in recent versions of HTML.

It's really a matter of your intended audience. Who do you want
to be able to make use of your work?

We try to make sure things are viewable/readable when used with
Netscape/Mosaic on each of X Windows, MS Windows, Mac; plus text
browsers such as Lynx. Each of these environments has it's silly
quirks but it's not all that hard.

An aquaintance recently had an emergency situation where she
had to rework her html pages to avoid tickling a Windows Mosaic
bug. She'd been using Mosaic under X but the people who funded
her project were using Windows.

This doesn't help much but that's the situation today. Not
all browsers support blinking text and tables.


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