Re: browser enhancement suggestion

Paul Burchard (
Sat, 25 Mar 1995 11:38:08 +0500

Rob Hartill <> writes:
> Re: cron-like feature built into www browsers.
> I'd be happier to have a separate system that I could tell
> to fire up Netscape at 2am to go check on the weather
> forecast for the day, or to run myapp to destroy all files
> that more than a week old in my wastebasket.
> All this could be possible with a user-fiendly interface
> to cron, with no overloading of www clients.

But why not use a client-side-scriptable www client as that
user-friendly interface (still not overloading the client with any
special features)?

Being imbedded in hypertext documents, these programs could then be
easily annotated and organized by the user, distributed by authors,
endorsed by reviewers, etc. Why should such programs be denied the
benefits of being integrated into the World Wide Web?

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