Re: Any good HTML editors out there?

Johan Vromans (
Sat, 25 Mar 1995 04:27:54 +0500

[Quoting Rupesh Kapoor, on March 25 1995, 01:49, in "Re: Any good HTML ed"]
> On Fri, 24 Mar 1995, Svante Pettersson wrote:
> I used to use emacs HTML mode until recently, when i had to discontinue
> it, for it's usage is restricted to HTML 1.0, and is particularly hostile
> towards new tags (e.g. to type <blink>, i have to type C-S-< blink C-S->).

For this reason I stopped using emacs HTML mode in a very early stage
and switched to emacs html-helper mode. This mode a.o. combines the
automatic insertion of html tags with the ability to maintain them
manually. Also it has great support for hilit19.
It uses the 'tempo' templates packages so it is easy to extend.

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-- Johan