Re: Running Netscape...

Jyrki Poysti (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 13:14:43 +0500

Thanks for all for recommending mail software.

The way, I figured, Netscape finds Trumpet is that it tries to find file
WINSOCK.DLL from Windows directory, and if there is none, then from
directories on the autoexec path. Then, Trumpet's DLL will look for
TCPMAN, Chameleon's for CUSTOM, and so on...

A good advice is to:

-keep Trumpet files, including Trumpet WINSOCK.DLL, in \TRUMPET
subdirectory. Remove all other WINSOCK.DLLs, or keep them in a
place where Netscape can not find them. Remember, Netscape uses the
first DLL it finds, so path /trumpet;/netmanage will start Trumpet and
path /netmanage;/trumpet will start Chameleon.

-put /trumpet in your path statement in autoexec. Remove /netmanage.

-Trumpet has a setting for autodial, put it on (check Trumpet menu).

-if you want to use Chameleon, remove /trumpet from your path
and use /netmanage instead.

> wrote
>I have not been able to get Trumpet to dial automatically when I bring up
>Netscape. I have to start Trumpet separately to get it to dial before I
>bring up Netscape. Am I missing something in the configuration of Trumpet?

>And - Scott wrote
>laptop (running Windows for Workgroups) from Trumpet/Netscape to
>Chameleon/Netscape. No matter what I do, when I launch Netscape I get
>a dialog with a title: Trumpet Winsock, and a message that tcpman.exe
>could not be found.

You are still using Trumpet's WINSOCK.DLL. Replace it with Chameleon's

>I have run them and prefer the Netscape/Chameleon combination because
>it has been the most stable.

I use Windows for Workgroups, 4 Meg RAM, Netscape and Trumpet.
I have problems occasionally, but so seldom that it does not matter.

Have a nice weekend.