Uploading files

M. Keukens (keukens@bladel.rps.slb.com)
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 05:39:57 +0500

Can someone give me advise for the following:

I want to offer for a few users a nice way to transfer files from a PC to a
WWW-server. I need to write a script to do this job and probably it has to
run on the PC. The problem is that I want to activate the script by the
server. So one of my pages on the server will have a button to start the

I have already seen some solutions that use a special browser that
recognizes special URL's, but I do not want to restrict the users to the use
of one specific browser.

Another solution would be to make use of the MIME-types to start the script.
The button will be linked to a file with a special extension such as ".add"
and if the user has extended the MIME-types of the browser in a right way it
has to work???

Thanks in advance.