Re: Reviews of HTTP Servers
Thu, 23 Mar 95 17:50:58 PST

>|> Hi all,
>|> I was wondering if there exists a specification of HTML in yacc
>|>(or bnr) form. It has probably been done as constructing such a parser is
>|>way more easier in this way than with a traditional C subroutine.
>Don't think about it. HTML is not an LR(1) grammar and so trying to use yacc
>is only going to cause pain. The best way of parsing SGML is with a top down
>recursive descent parser. Try to use yacc and you will end up in all sorts of
>troubles, especially with error reporting.

Phill is technically correct (that one cannot parse SGML and hence
HTML using YACC et al).

If one limits oneself to a subset of SGML, it is quite possible to
produce a YACC grammer. Dan Connolly has produced such a grammar for
HTML by hacking DTD2HTML, and the TEI folks have produced an
*excellent* and very *useful* subset of SGML, and the grammar is
available at:

While these can accept come documents that are not quite legal SGML,
99.9% of documents I've seen would be both legal withing the TEI
grammar, and within SGML.