Re: Best format for Macintosh Files

Blake Sobiloff (
Thu, 23 Mar 1995 12:38:01 +0500

At 1:38 AM 3/23/95, Thomas Savundra wrote:
>We've recently setup a web page on a unix machine to serve a
>macintosh demo program. Whats the best file format to serve
>such files? Is it .bin?

If it is a Mac-specific file, yes, .bin (MacBinary) is preferred. Remember,
though, that your users will still have to have StuffIt Expander (or
MacBinary II+) to separate out the data and resource forks of the file into
their normal arrangement -- MacBinary collapses the two forks into one so
that the file may be transported in binary format without loosing the data

I'd download the demo to make sure your file isn't corrupted, but I'm on
the end of a 14.4K modem. :-(

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