Mike Meyer (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 20:21:50 +0500

I ran into this when I wrote user-cgi, and hand-waved my way through
it. The documentation on PATH_TRANSLATED on hoohoo is vague. The link
to CGI information on is to hoohoo. Now I've got a server
working (you can watch it at, and read the draft
docs at and need to get things clarified.

Anyone want to try to explain what the "translate version of
PATH_INFO" should be? I know, it does any "virtual-to-physical"
mapping, but what does that MEAN? After all, any server I've run that
has cgi scripts has two mappings - one takes /cgi-bin to a set of
programs to be run (so, if I get /cgi-bin as the prefix of PATH_INFO,
I should run the program???), and one that takes other files to a
directory. Most of them have many such mappings.

The server I'm building allows multiple virtual-to-physical mappings.
One always returns a 204 result, no matter what the rest of the URL
is. Even worse, it allows for multiple mappings of the same URL. I.e.
- it will look in multiple trees for a file designated by a given URL,
and if it fails to find all of those it could wind up returning a 204
because it got passed to 204-returning map.

So, could someone please enlighten me as to what I should be doing
with PATH_TRANSLATED? Better yet, could someone give me an example of
it being used, or the justificatoin that went into it being included
in the spec?