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Alexander, Larry (
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 19:47:36 +0500

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Subject: Re: Running Netscape...
Author: at ~Internet_Mail
Date: 3/20/95 4:33 PM

>I have been testing both Trumpet and Chameleon. Trumpet is nice because
>it starts, dials and logs in automatically once you start Netscape. On the
>other hand, I haven't found any Mail application which would work with
>Trumpet. Does anyone know?
>Chameleon has Mail and lots of other stuff, but you have to start
>it separately, which is not so nice. Or does anyone know how to
>start it from Netscape?
>Best regs, Jyrki

I have been using Trumpet 2.0 with the free version of Eudora with no
problems. You might want to try this combination.

Where I am having terrible problems is getting Trumpet 2.0, TIA, the WinVN
newsreader on a Netcom shell account to work. Has anyone been able to get
a combination like this working?


Larry Alexander