Re: Running Netscape...

Jyrki Poysti (
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 14:24:53 +0500

>Also, are there any really easy to use implementations of winsock that
>work effectively with Netscape? I downloaded a copy of trumpet, but
>don't have the time to play with it. Is chameleon a faster way to go,
>and will Netscape work effectively on top of that stack?
>Thanks much,
>Steve Habib Rose

I have been testing both Trumpet and Chameleon. Trumpet is nice because
it starts, dials and logs in automatically once you start Netscape. On the
other hand, I haven't found any Mail application which would work with
Trumpet. Does anyone know?

Chameleon has Mail and lots of other stuff, but you have to start it
separately, which is not so nice. Or does anyone know how to start
it from Netscape?

Best regs, Jyrki