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Debbie Sinmao (
Sat, 18 Mar 1995 12:37:12 +0500

Here's an excerpt on LISTSERV from the TERENA (Trans-European Research and
Education Networking Association) home page (

"LISTSERV is a distribution list management package. It allows
groups of computer users with a common interest to communicate among
themselves. It makes it very easy for even a novice user to discover,
join and participate in these interest group mailing lists. LISTSERV also
provides facilities for logging and archiving of mail traffic, file
server functions, and database searches of archives and files."

You could get more info on LISTSERV by sending an e-mail with the
command HELP or INFO to

Or you could ftp LISTSERV info at EARN's ftp site: in the
directory /pub/doc/listserv/ to get a user's guide to LISTSERV.

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On Fri, 17 Mar 1995 wrote:

> I am not familiar with listserv's. Can someone explain to me
> graphically how it works. Where do all the messages go? How does
> someone read the messages that are posted? I just don't understand
> what happens or what processes the message goes through once it is
> sent.