NCSA Mosaic for Windows Release

Windows Mosaic Tech Support (
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 21:27:32 +0500

Mosaic(TM) for Microsoft Windows Version 2.0 Beta 1 is available on NCSA's
ftp server, NCSA Mosaic is a network navigational tool
that will allow you to access networked information with the click of a mouse
button. Mosaic is capable of accessing data via protocols such as HTTP,
Gopher, FTP and NNTP. Mosaic can access other data services such as Archie,
WAIS, and Veronica through gateways servers. NCSA Mosaic was designed to
provide its user transparent access to these information sources and
services. Mosaic is copyrighted by the University of Illinois. However,
it's available at no cost to individual users, Academic organizations,
Government organizations and for internal business use. If you plan to
redistribute Mosaic or profit from the use of Mosaic, you should contact
NCSA for licensing information. (

We will be using the following naming schemes for this release:

With a Setup Program for Windows 3.1, WfW 3.11, Win NT (ix86)

mos20b1.exe Win3.x, WWG & NT (x86 processor)

Without a Setup Program:

axp.mosaic.2.0.0b1.exe NT for the DEC aXP
mips.mosaic.2.0.0b1.exe NT for the MipsPC
x86.mosaic.2.0.0b1.exe Win3.x, WWG & NT (x86 processor)

Win3.1, WfW, and NT users should first attempt to install Mosaic using the
setup program (mos20b1.exe), only in rare occasions will the setup program
fail. Mosaic and the setup program are Win32s applications and you MUST
install Win32s before you attempt to install Mosaic. If the setup program
still fails, please email with a description of
your machine and the type of error message you recieved.

Version 2.0.0 Beta 1

Features and Enhancements:

Options, Preferences... All Mosaic configurable options are available
from the following menus:
General, Viewers, Services, Proxy, Tables, Anchors, Font Styles, Caching
Hotlist Manager
Inline JPEG Image Support
"New" Right Mouse Button Menu Options
News Reader Improvements
Status Bar Improvements
Tool Bar Improvements
New Accelerator Keys
Command line mailto:
Copy and Paste from the Document view window
Scrolling and resizing the Mosaic window
Interupt for Windows NT
Enter Stand Alone Mode (-s)
Left and Right arrow keys for anchor navigation
Mosaic's Splash Screen
+/- keys magnify all fonts on screen proportionally
Improved unknown file type handling
ALT information from IMG tags will be displayed.
Forms Enhancements
Tab from one form field to another
Selecting Enter on the last form field will submit the form
Comment cards

Bug Fixes

Resource and Memory Leaks
various Interrupt bugs
Menu Editor bugs (It got Nuked), it was replaced by a full featured,
drag and drop Hotlist Manager.
Find now functional
file transfer invoked when clicking on ftp:// links
Ampersands in URLs not parsed as entities
And Many More... To many to remember or list....... We're starting with
a clean slate. ;^)

For complete details about the enhancements, see the relnotes.htm file
that is bundled with Mosaic.

NCSA Mosaic for Windows is available from our anonymous ftp server,, in the /Mosaic/Windows directory. You can also get to
release information from our home page.


The NCSA Software Development Group



Win32s Update Information

Windows NT users and Win95 beta-testers
Windows NT and Win95 users don't need Win32s. The operating systems are
32-bit operating systems with OLE support built-in.

Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups Users
You MUST install WIN32S BEFORE you install Mosaic. Win3.1(3.11) and Windows
for Workgroups 3.1(WfW3.11) are 16-bit operating systems and you'll need to
use Microsoft's Win32s software. This software will allow you to run 32-bit
applications in Windows 3.1 or WfW 3.11. Since Mosaic is also an OLE
compatible application, and Mosaic users must use Win32s v1.25 with the OLE
v2.02. This version of Win32s is available at NCSA's ftp site,, in the /Mosaic/Windows directory. The file W32sOLE.exe is
a self-extracting executable. Just put this file in a temporary directory
like c:\install, type w32sOLE, and the associated files will decompress.
Now type install.

Win32s v1.25 was released by Microsoft to address the foreign language
problems and the compobj.dll problems some Windows users were experiencing
with Win32s v1.20. We recommend you upgrade to this latest version if you
prefer to use a language other than English(American) in your Windows
environment, OR if you experiencing problems with the compobj.dll library
while using Microsoft Office, Excel or Word. In general, if you are NOT
experiencing problems with Win32s v1.20, upgrading to Win32s v1.25 is not