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Wed, 8 Mar 95 20:56:20 PST

> Alvin Starr <> writes:
> >I would argue that the agent is not as important as who's agent is it.
> >If you give a person access to your system then what is wrong with giving
> >their agent the same access. In this way all of the standard security rules
> >that apply to normal users should apply to their agents.
> Hang on, surely this completely undercuts the whole idea of agents? I think it

If you anonymous FTP to a system and you are allowed access then at that
point you are a user. what about loggin into a system as GUEST?. Why not
allow "user" login and access based on other criteria then the fact that
an administrator has created a login and password for you. Why not use the
net ID of the person logging in. That way a system could limit access based
on user information provided at login. Various levels of access could be
proviede based on the ability to validate the users origin.

> would be very sad if "my" agents could only run on machines where I have an
> account!

> So, how about the host donating only a certain maximum run time to an
> individual agent, and running no more than a certain number of agents at once?
> ie. The host could forcibly cease interpreting/running the agent after a given
> run time has elapsed. When an agent arrives on a host, it could effectively
> negotiate its time limit with its new host. For example, the agent might
> declare that it wants to run for up to 10 minutes, whereas the host might only
> be prepared to let it run for 1 minute. The host obviously must have the last
> word (since this is cooperative processing on other people's machines), and
> could then inform the agent that 1 minute is all it's getting. This could be
> used by the script to change how "deeply" it searches, perhaps..
Yes. Yes. Yes. All we need is more accounting and control information
associated with files. Allong with ACL's and ICL's.

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