ITU T.171

Yuval Shahar (
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 12:41:45 +0500

Apparently there is an ISO standard dealing with hypermedia (13522), which
I was unaware of until it was recently submitted to ITU SG8 (as a draft rec
for T.171).

Briefly, the standard describes a syntax for coding "multimedia and
hypermedia" objects. The syntax is either ASN.1 or an SGML DTD (which are
supposed to be isomorphic for this purpose), and the encoding is either BER
or SDIF respectively (where SDIF is the ISO SGML Interchange format, which
I am not familiar with). The standard also supports realtime objects, and
is targeted towards TV oriented navigation, information kiosks, home
shopping, games etc.

Has anyone in www-land studied this document in the context of the Web? Is
anyone aware of conforming applications? Does anyone have a URL for HyperODA
(the ODA extensions for hypermedia) and SMSL (the ISO hypermedia oriented
scripting language)?