Interactive Web [Was Re: two-way communication in html]
Tue, 7 Mar 95 00:22:32 PST

Maurizio Codogno writes:
> As everybody of us know, html is a "monodirectional" protocol -- in the sense
> that the server cannot initiate a response by itself, but it has to wait
> for a http request from the client.
> (no, this is all wrong -- what I want to say is that with a HTML browser
> you have to click to reload a page, otherwise it doesn't happen anything).
> I (pronunciation: "my boss") would like to investigate how the thing could
> be changed, in order to have a real "live" environment. Supposing for the
> moment to stick with unix systems and reasonable root powers :-), the first
> ideas which came to me were the following:

Wedging this into HTTP seems like a bad idea. HTTP is an
information retrieval protocol. For conferencing, look at
protocols like IRC[1] or the MUD stuff. Maybe even mbone channels.

I think within 6 months to two years, you'll see URLs


Just like you see telnet:... URLs today.


[2] hmmm... can't find a reference to MUD usage on the web...
anybody want to chime in?

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