benchmark program for HTTP server's

Martin Sjolin (
Wed, 1 Mar 1995 08:19:14 +0500

[the original mail was lost during downtime]

i would like to profile my www server (or rather the CGI client),
and i'm looking around for a benchmark programs/robot which would
automate the process. Basicly, i'm looking around fore some software

1. take a base URL
2. retrieves all URL in the base document, but
3. do not goes outside the server (e.g. restrict the set of
allowed URL),
4. minimum time between HEADs/GETs,
5. runs under unix (preferable SunOS 4.1 - i have ported software
to hp-ux/solaris 2.x/dec osf/4.3bsd/aix/ultrix/sgi/linux)

With all the HTTP severs around, I hope that some server author(s)
might have some (almost) ready-to-run software. I would write
something quick and dirty, but i'm currently have some other priorities
(thesis writing). Of course, i will summarize to the list.

thank you,


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