WEBHOUND WWW Interface ready

Yezdi Lashkari (yezdi@media.mit.edu)
Sun, 26 Feb 1995 12:37:33 +0500

I couldn't send this earlier as the www-talk listserver
was down.

The WWW Interface to WEBHOUND is ready. You no longer need to
install the modified browser or client to use WEBHOUND.


Please use it to seed the database with your favourite documents.

I'm currently working on making the document filtering algortithm
more accurate. I'm also working on making the client both much
easier to use as well as trivial to install.
Meanwhile please use the WWW interface.

Comments, feedback appreciated.


ps: For those of you who didnt read my earlier message, WEBHOUND is
a WWW document filtering system that works on the principle of
automated collaborative filtering. Info is available through the URL