Re: WANTED: Part Time Net Hacks - HTML, Perl, Unix, Etc... (fwd)

Lance Bledsoe (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 21:16:05 +0100

Startup company looking for part time "net hacks", gifted students, or
moonlighting professionals to provide sub-contract services for us,
and to our client base.

This is an excellent opportunity for a working professional who wants
to do some software development "on the side" and remain anonymous.
Other potential candidates might be "gifted" students, or others, who
know their way around the net, and wish to suppliment their income.

Skills needed immediately are (any of the following):

* Detailed Perl Knowledge
* Detailed HTML/WEB Page Design and Creation
* Knowledge of Mail, Sendmail, etc...
* Writing Unix Shell Scripts (Borne, Bash, Korn)
* C and/or C++ programming
* Majordomo Expertise
* Familiarity with other Unix tools, Sed, Awk, etc is helpful.
* (If you wish to develop some of these skills, we can give you
a project to work on which you can learn as you go. Compensation
will be based on the project as a whole, when completed.)

Compensation can be based by the project, or by the hour. Persons
may work as either part-time employees, sub-contractors, or "other".

Fringe benefits:

* You will receive a free, personal account on our server, which
is connected directly to the net. We have all the desireable net
services. You may connect to our host via telnet, www, ftp, etc.
A few number of 28,800 v34 modems are available for persons needing
PPP/SLIP access.
* Work from wherever you have net access.
* Work anytime of the day or night.
* Our clients will not deal directly with you, if you wish
to reamin anonymous.
* Very flexible compensation plans.

Please send information about yourself, your skills and a short resume',
if you have one, along with your salary requirements, (all information
will be kept confidential) to:

Lance Bledsoe