Re: Transparent GIFs
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 02:26:48 +0100

>>>>> Steve Cameron <> writes:
SC> While we're in the GIF neighborhood, is anyone aware of a method to create
SC> transparent GIF files to be used with a browser to give a layered
SC> effect??

To create transparent GIF file, I use the "netpbm" package in UNIX,
and "Transparency" in Macintosh.

In the netpbm package,

1. giftopnm foo.gif > foo.ppm

2. ppmtogif -transparent #rgb foo.ppm > foo-trans.gif

where '#rgb' indicate the color you make transparent,
e.g. #ffffff (white).

In Transparency, you click the image, selecting the color you make
transparent, and then "Save As GIF89...".

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