Re: Client-side searching proposal

Paul Everitt (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 17:38:30 +0100

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995, Gary Adams - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS wrote:

> I'd also like to construct complex standing queries about "the president
> of the United States" in the news, which returns a conditional result.
> The selection mechanism for a search engine can be distinct from both
> the scoring and highlighting mechanisms. An older document might
> incorrectly highlight the word "Clinton" if he was "govenor Clinton" at
> the time.

Referencing Dan Connolly's excellent summary of Harvest:

There is a subsystem called Nebula by Mic Bowman (a member of the Harvest
team) that allows for complex standing queries. I believe they are still
in progress on putting Harvest over Nebula.

Extract from:
"With Nebula, each object is represented as a set of attribute/value
pairs. There is a separate index (and possibly mechanism) per attribute
tag. Nebula also supports a view notion involving a standing query against
object base. This allows information to be filtered based on query
predicates. It is easy to refine and extend the predicates over time, and
observe changes interactively."


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