Re: mystery NCSA httpd problems on

Tue, 31 Jan 1995 03:39:34 +0100

> ... the next thing I'll try is closing and
>reopening the socket if no connection requests have come in for ten
>seconds or so, but that seems a little drastic.

I've never configured the NCSA server, but can't it be run
from inetd? Modularity helps, especially in cases like this.
Now there's good reason for NOT running a web server from inetd
(keeping program text around, having data structures loaded, etc),
but it might help you isolate things if you were able to switch to
inetd mode while chasing this down. Of course, it might mean that
everything else served through inetd would hang along with HTTPD. ;-)


Rick Troth <>, Houston, Texas, USA