Re: Client-side searching proposal

Rob Hartill (
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 20:04:29 +0100

> Personally, I think the whole # and ? thing needs to be rethought.
> I would like to second this motion. We have syntax for specifying points and
> regions for a couple of format that could be used to bound search. There is
> also the issue of various searching schemes that one might want to accomodate.
> The schemes should be extensible. (e.g., Z39.50's query type).
> After you an a interesting amount of flexibility and power, the URL syntax
> will get pretty cumbersome, and something analogous to forms will be
> desirable.

But I think you are missing the point, this is meant to be
an addition to any other searching meachanisms out there, not
a replacement. It's an optional browser feature which will work
independently of, or in conjunction with any other search engines
which work from the server-side.