Bless His Little W3 Socks
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 14:44:34 +0100

Dear All

Up until now I use a bare ASCII editor to create HTML - I havent
yet found an editor that produces the code as I like it, and I'm
afraid I see an aesthetic appeal in well presented code.
OK I Confess: I wear my little W3 socks in bed (well I am British!)

Tables are Oh So useful, and Oh So painful to code; so far I've done
my CV (no surprises that was the first thing I tried!) and that took
an age!!

SO :
I'll give up my aesthetic pretentions for an editor/macro that can
hack tables, if anyone knows of one. Ideally a macro for Excel would
seem to be the answer, but I'm not a basic programmer and would still
like to keep some kind of life:-)

Any suggestions.

PS Anyone know when Netscape will support Tables, a major omision


South Bank University
((++44) 171) 815 7179