Re: Scrolled selection list.

Rob Hartill (
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 19:00:43 +0100

> >
> No, something like this:
> +----------+
> | Item #1.....^
> | Item #2.....|
> | Item #3.....|
> | Item #4.....|
> | Item #5.....|
> +=============>

Agreed, I've had trouble with these kinds of lists.. One big entry
in the list sends the list scroll bar a few feet off to your right. You
scroll the browser right so that you can see the list scroll bar, but now
you can't see the rest of the items in the list and you have to scroll back
again... Maybe we should also have a choice of left/right positioning
of the list scrollbar.

Also, most browsers don't scroll down to the default item(s), which
can be out of sight... Not seeing default settings can be dangerous -
espcially if there's a multiple choice and you can't see the default
to switch it off.