Re: Forms, mailto-URLs, and The Right Thing

Steinar Bang (
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 17:32:47 +0100

>>>>> Rob Hartill <> writes:
>> The Right Thing here would be:
>> Where the action attribute in a <form> element is a "mailto" URL, and
>> the method attribute is "post", create a message on the fly and send
>> the contents of the <input>s of the form to the mail address given by
>> the URL

>> And I would very much like to see other browsers copy the Netscape
>> approach.

> .but not if that means sending URL encoded mail to human readers when
> the form explicitly asks for plain text to be sent.

> i=Mail+which+looks+anything+like%0D%0Athis+isn%27t+particularly+readable%0D%0Ais+it+%3F

How about a variant of the way you used to handle updates for the
Movie Database? (don't know if you do it this way anymore. Been a
while since I contributed...:-).

The form containing the fields call a CGI script. This CGI script
creates a HTML document containng a form. The <form> consists of a
textarea containing the formatted text and a "submit" input, with a
"mailto" to whatever human is supposed to receive the data as the
<form>'s "action".

Pretty much as it used to be, but instead of coming from the formatted mail is
sent from whatever the mail address of the browser is set to
(hopefully the address of the contributor, but in any case an
improvement over whateveridthehttpisrunningon).

- Steinar