Re: Using Excel as helper application
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 16:36:57 +0100

> I am trying to convince Netscape to use MS-Excel as helper application.
> The html page contains:
> <A HREF="spreadsheet.xls"><IMG SRC="/lib/xlicon.gif"></A>
> In Netscape, the helper settings in Options->Preferences are set to
> to start Excel when an *.xls file is received:
> - Mime type: application
> - subtype: excel
> - extension: xls
> - action: launch application (application specified as
> excel.exe in the right directory)
Have you configured application/excel on the server side as a mime type?
We use this constantly and it works fine.

What you cannot do with Netscape is have a shell script,
"cgi-bin/spreadsheet.xls" look for "application/excel" in the
"Accept" headers since Netscape won't send the headers. If
your .xls file is a true spreadsheet or tab-delimited file, you
should have no problem.