Re: Color - HTML

Phillip M. Hallam-Baker (
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 11:07:36 +0100

|>We're in a cultural phase right now where publishers are overcome by
|>all the cute tricks their new tools will let them do, and are convinced
|>that absolute control is crucial to the aesthetics of their
|>publications. Thus our newsstands are filled with magazines like
|>"Wired" that I physically cannot read. Even the text, which seems to
|>always be in cute colors on cute backgrounds. The careful distinction
|>between structure and presentation is our defense.

If you read the January edition of WiReD you will find that its all in
black and white. It seems like they blew the whole of the budget for fancy
printing in the first few issues :-(

They do have `Get Wired' in Braille on the front cover though - useful for
all their blind readers...

Phillip M. Hallam-Baker

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