Re: Feature request: "inspect link", "paste quote", "paste link"
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 07:56:56 +0100

Matthew J. Gering writes:
> > "Daniel W. Connolly" <> writes:
> > >Feature request of the day: I wish NetScape, Mosaic, et. al had the
> > >feature available in lynx, the original NeXT browser, and I believe the
> > >emacs w3 browser; that is, to inspect a link without traversing it.
> > >
> > >In Netscape/Mosaic, if I see a link to the document that I want to
> > >tell my friend about, I have to either traverse the link and copy the
> > >address out of the "current document address" text field (which may
> > >take more time than I'm interested in, or worse: if it's a postscript
> > >document, this approach won't work at all) or I have to do "view source"
> > >and copy the address out of there (which might be a relative link, in
> > >which case I have to do some surgery to come up with the absolute link.)
> >
> > AIR Mosaic can do this, too... hold down Control-Shift while clicking
> > on the link, and it gets copied to the clipboard.
> >
> As does the formerly mentioned Netscape running on Win31. Just moves the
> mouse pointer over the link.

It copies _every_ link you move over to the clipboard? How rude and
inefficient if true.

-Bill P.