Re: Client-side searching proposal

Nick Arnett (
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 23:43:20 +0100

At 3:02 PM 1/25/95, Rob Hartill wrote:

>I don't want to see this idea fizzle away as just another idea, so
>how does one go about getting it accepted or implemented ? (Ncom ?)

I think the best bet would be to persuade a company that does search tools
to come up with a concrete proposal and, ideally, a sample implementation.
It would be great if this company were a member of the W3 Consortium and
already working with one or more server, browser and viewer developers to
integrate search engine.

In other words, Verity really should step up to the plate here. I will
make enquiries at the engineering end of the office, where these
discussions are being monitored.

I suspect that if we could drag a proxy server developer into the thicket
with us, we could see quicker results, since it'll be quicker to deploy
first in a proxy than in clients. Volunteers?

We are rather intrigued by the possibilities for a proxy server with our
agent technology in it.