Re: Client-side searching proposal

Dave Hollander (
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 22:45:20 +0100

> > > The idea I propose is to allow URLs to contain a search keyword for
> > > client-side searching. Most browsers allow you to search a document
> > > for strings.
> >
> > Sounds like a good idea. If done, we should support a syntax that
> > has multiple keywords:,link,hypertext
> >
> > Dave Hollander
> Do you mean, look for "jump", but if you can't find it try "link",
> then "hypertext" ? sounds reasonable.
> If not, you might be complicating a simple idea.

No, implied AND not OR. To keep it simpler, we can limit the semantic
to multiple terms that should be treated equally by the client software.
It would be up the search or other server software to create a list
of terms. This should avoid the issue of true query syntax.

An Nick points out, there should also be a change in proxy behavior.
And, the highlight to highlight client application jump would
make the whole thing a lot more useful.

Dave Hollander