Re: Broken links, are we ever going to address them?

lilley (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 17:05:16 +0100

Martijn Koster writes:

> [about auto-notify of broken links]
> In all of the above special consideration has to be given to caches;
> obviously a cached document can still be wrong if the original has
> been rectified.

A properly functioning cache should not be serving a document whose
original has been updated. In practice, depending on the guesswork
and arcane magic used to conjure up expiry dates, I suppose current caches
will serve them, so Martijn's concern is well placed.

BTW wasn't the point of LINK REV=made href="mailto:blah@site" so that
clients could notify the maker of a document if it had broken links?

I thought some browsers already did this - Lynx springs to mind.

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