Re: Broken links, are we ever going to address them?

Martijn Koster (
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 11:44:26 +0100

> BTW wasn't the point of LINK REV=made href="mailto:blah@site"
> so that clients could notify the maker of a document if it had
> broken links?

I' not sure it is good enough:

- nobody uses it (but everyone uses a server)
- it requires email support
- either it requires manual action, or has to be implemented
in every client.
- it can be great fun if someone copies my document with errors,
but never corrects them when I do.
- it can be so easily abused: <HEAD><LINK REV=made
You're all a load of *** :-)
- it can be so easily abused: <HEAD><LINK REV=made
Thanks for requesting our add, your email address
has been added to our mail-shot list :-)

-- Martijn
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