Re: WWW privacy and confidentiality

Eric Hilding (
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 08:13:47 +0100

On Sun, 22 Jan 1995, Thomas -- not Tom -- Maslen wrote:

> > Putting up a WWW server is in some very real sense equivalent to opening a
> > store for business. In a litiginous society, any ofering of public
> > services is accompanied by some risk of attracting adverse legal action.
> > It might be a good idea for WWW providers to get (and share?) some legal
> > advice on these issues.
> .. or, if the climate within the US gets just too silly, think about
> electronically moving offshore (what do those first two W's stand for,
> again?). What's the going price on a T3 in Liberia, Panama or the Cayman
> Islands, anyway?

Drop V.P. Al Gore a line: (I Think) :)

Perhaps a few Senators or Congressmen might know...or have "ties"
to the offshore sites. :)

Eric Hilding