Re: WWW Bill Of Rights?

Darren New (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 22:06:54 +0100

> How can that be enforced? (I've been wondering how the -m
> option to PGP can *really* keep decrypted cleartext off the recipient's
> disk; recipient could very well have modified PGP to ignore it, no?)
> (then again, I'm new to PGP and so may have misunderstood the meaning)

The intent, I think, is to keep you from *accidentally* leaving the
unencrypted text around. Obviously if you run it in something like
"script" you can save the output.

> There's a senseless (IMHO) law that you can't listen in on
> people's cel-phone conversations. The reason it's senseless is that
> [kinda like gun control] only the good guys will comply. It gives
> the end user (here the cel-phone customer) a false sense of security.

It's interesting to note that police can arrest you for what you say over
the cell-phone that someone else heard, as long as they weren't
*intentionally* listening for you. Bleh.

> We've been putting a lot of value on privacy here in the US
> lately. I'll have to go back and re-read the constitution, but I
> don't think we're guaranteed a right to privacy. Freedom of speech,

Depends on which constitution. Don't forget we have 51 of them if not more.
Many states have explicit rights to privacy in their constitutions.

(This is drifting far from the newsgroup charter. Think about where you
reply to.)