Re: WWW as Object System (was: Embedding of Mime parts)

Paul Everitt (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 09:58:39 +0100

On Fri, 20 Jan 1995, Steve Waterbury wrote:

> Steve Majewski writes:
> > .... The Web is really a sort
> > of poor man's distributed object system already.

First, hi Steve M! Ironic, running into you out here.

> EXACTLY! I think once database application developers realize
> that the best way to use an RDBMS is as a "smart index/query
> engine" for "Web objects" (i.e., _only_ put into the DBMS the
> attributes you want to use to search for the objects, plus the
> URL/URN/URC), "database applications" will become much more
> efficient and flexible, and there will never be a need for an

I disagree with this. We developed an object system behind a Web server
for an online service. It used a persistent object model (built out of
Python for the prototype), allowing the invoking of methods,
creation/deletion of objects, etc. I had previously done a project like
that using the miniSQL relational database, and I'd never want to do that

The problem becomes arbitrary changes in attributes, as defined by HTML
forms. Whenever you want to add another data element, you'd have to drop
the table and recreate it. With the Python persistent object model, just
changing the HTML form definition changed what was put in the object
store. Plus, we had some of the objects that implemented methods
differently, for customizing the behavior. Don't know how you'd do that
kind of overloading with stored procedures.

Anyway, objects behind Web servers are awesome.


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