RE: VideoMap's

Chris Rechsteiner (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 07:39:00 +0100

While there have been numerous comments regarding the use of a videomap,
what is the bandwidth constraints that it will place on the user. The
increase in file size will undoubtedly cause a slower downloading time.

Considering the market on the web (with the addition of the major online
players now rolling out web access at 9600) how feasible is it for people
to wait?

In my own testing, I have found non-technical users to wait no more than
15 seconds for graphics to download and the page to "paint" before they
are impatient and ready to move on. I would say a "high" side would be
30 seconds - and none of this would happen at 9600 - which is where mass
market is now coming from.

What would the implications be of better compression for a 3d file? That
seems to be the real issue. Since mass market is where the $$$ will be,
that which can be sold and made profitable must be accessible for the
masses - a 9600.

Chris Rechtsteiner