Re: videomap

Marc VanHeyningen (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 06:17:47 +0100

> The basic idea is simple. Video information is 3D in comparison to imagemap
> which is 2D. So we only need to return x,y, and t coordinates in stead of x and y
> in the imagemap case.

I think the "x,y" coordinate for imagemaps was a quick hack that should be
upgraded; it's very limiting. Extending it to video would be even more

Newer approaches involve having the document specify a polygon which
constitute an anchor in an image, along with associated attributes (e.g.
destination URL, REL or REV tags, that sort of disposition information.)
That way, browsers can clearly indicate which part of the image is a valid link
and which is not, where it goes, whether it should pop up in a separate window
or replace what you're watching, etc.

I'd suggest extending that to video by just adding a couple of attributes to
the polygon (starting time and ending time, in frames or whatever.)