Re: Web server name?

Kelly Griffin (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 20:20:45 +0100

>When our search engine displays results lists from Web documents, we need
>to display the source of the documents in the list. Right now, all we can
>offer is the name of the host, which may or may not be meaningful... and
>usually rather ugly.
> Thus, it's occurred to us that we'd like to see a way to ask a server
>"What's your name?" and get back something like "Verity Corporate
> Is anyone else thinking about this? Shall we just forge ahead and make a
>proposal for a way to implement this? I'm thinking that perhaps it should
>be an element in the header of the default document. Ideas?

This would be very helpful for my system. I would like to display 40
characters or less about the file they are displaying rather than the
?TR-WWW.CGI_BLT1 758,1906 jibberish.

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