HTTP and Interactive Sessions (Was Re: Expires Header)

Jeffrey Perry (
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 22:41:11 +0100


I have followed with great interest the discussion of the expires header
and the possible automatic updating of pages by clients.

I have done an extensive search of the IETF archives and the working group
on HTTP's archives. I have also explored the W3O archives and WWW conference
papers online. I have found only one vague reference to adding an interactive
connection type to the HTTP spec. It was mentioned in a priority list on the
W3O WWW pages.

Can someone point me to some more information on this work?
Has it been started yet? If not I volunteer to lead a group to look into
the issues involved with extending HTTP to support interactive objects embeded
in WWW pages.

PS. I have found only two related RFCs so far
1) Uploading files using HTTP (found then lost the ref for this one
please point me to the source again)
2) A Proposed Extension Mechanism to HTTP by David Kristol, AT&T Bell Labs