Re: Embedding of Mime parts

Bert Bos (
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 21:02:35 +0100

Daniel Dardailler wrote:

|There is a whole set of issues wrt embedding in a window system (at
|least in X), going from session management (how to tell the embedded
|app to go away, to come back, etc) up to geometry negociations, and I
|don't want to ignore these, but I think that a generic way to initiate
|embedding is needed to start with.

Will Carlton wrote:

|You might try looking at work done by Bert Bos:
|and Steve Gutfreund at GTE Labs:

Without changes to both the browsers and the external viewers it won't
be possible to have viewers display their output embedded in the
browser's window. Several solutions have been suggested:

1. The browser becomes a sort of pseudo window manager, reparenting
the windows of external viewers.
2. Browser and viewers communicate with a special embedding protocol
that is an extension of the X protocol (compare OLE under MS
Windows), as in Jan Newmarch's work:
3. Viewers are not written as complete programs, but as modules to
link (dynamically) to a browser, as in my W3A:
4. Viewers are written in a special embedded language for which the
browser has an interpreter (just like Emacs is extended with
programs in e-lisp).

In (1) and (2) additional protocol has to be specified, in order to
allow the browser and viewer to exchange commands. Currently, I have a
slight preference for (4), since it makes viewers portable to other


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