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Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 11:12:57 GMT

In message <9407272336.AA15990@Xenon.Stanford.EDU> Christian L. Mogensen

In message <>, Dave Jones

> >each image by it's image number (e.g. <IMG SRC="icons.gif#3> would mean
> >the third image in icons.gif).

> Eeek - where would this info be stored?
> GIF does not support named sections.

True, but 3 is not a name but a number.

GIF 87 and GIF89 both support multiple images per file. Code to extract
the n'th image of a GIF is availavle in, for example, the xanim package
I believe.

However, it is true that the multi-image functionality is not widely
used, and some common tools (ie XV) do not support it.

And I agree that this is a particular and partial solution to the more
general problem of reducing the page completion time by, for example,
multipart sends and requests.

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